Hard Boiled "Chicken" Eggs

Hard boiled eggs
carrots (I used carrot chips)
peppercorns (could also hole punch seaweed or use sesame seeds)
paring knife

If you don't know how to hard boil eggs learn how here.

Cut the carrots in the shape of a comb and a beak for the adult chicken.

For the Adult Chicken:
Set the hard boiled egg upright (if it doesn't stand up cut the bottom off so it is level.) Using a paring knife make a small cut at the top of the "head" for the comb and a small cut on the middle of the egg for the beak. Make 2 small circular cuts for the eyes. Push the carrot comb, beak and peppercorn eyes into their spots.

For the Chicks:
Make a zig-zag cut around the middle of the egg...don't penetrate the egg yolk...just cut through the egg white. Remove the top half of the "shell" carefully or remove the yolk completely. Cut holes for the eyes and make a cut for the beak.